.:all you need for satellite tracking:.

what you need
where you can get

tracking program

Sattracker by Brent Boshart

VideoTrack by Bill Powers


watch out for current elements



(for advanced users)

computer info

(minimum 486 for sattracker/ PentiumII for VideoTrack)

in front of you ;)

suitable mount

(maybe without mirror-shifting) - the new LX200 GPS has a skrew to fix the mirror (copied from us? ;-))

predictions for brighter satellites

(including ISS)

Heavens Above

sensitive videocamera for finder

Lechner electric - CCTV (only in german)

verkauft auch gute Integrierkameras, mit denen man viele Galexien in der Stadt beobachten kann.

videocamera for the main telescope

any consumer camera with manual adjustments and the ability to screw it at the telescope

image manipulation software


for stacking

Image-Cutter by Martin Elsaesser

for centering the satellite in the videoframes