ISS on 23.12.00 (first images)

ISS on 26.12.00

shadow from modules on solar panel visible

ISS with docked Space Shuttle (STS98)

TCS (Thermal Control System) and robot arm: SSRMS (Space Station Remote Manipulator System) visible

ISS on Jun.05.01

ISS with STS 105 on Aug.13.01


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ISS on Oct.06.01 ISS on Oct.15.01 ISS on Oct.18.01


ISS on Dec.09.01
-Shuttle Endeavour docked at Destiny

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ISS on Dec.10.01
Img.1: Shuttle Endeavour from tail side, Destiny, Unity, Zarya, Zvezda, Progress, all solar panels, maybe Soyuz and Pirs Img.2: ISS with flash
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ISS on Aug.02.01

nice colour of on main solar panel, two Radiators, Zarya, Zvezda,Progress
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ISS on Apr.01.01

ISS on Apr.02.0

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