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ISS on Dec.18.07

details: Harmony, new extended P6 solar arrays, fully extended P1 and S1 Radiators

ISS on Aug.01.07

details: canadarm2

ISS on Jun.13.07

details: main engines of shuttle

Terra on Jun.10.07

details: body and panel

ISS on Apr.20.07

details: Progress; 2xSoyuz; Pirs ;Airlock; Destiny+PMAs; Lira-Antenna; KU-Band Antenna; P1+S1 Radiators (detailed); ?; ?

very good video and pictures

ISS on Apr.14.07

details: Progress; 2xSoyuz ;Airlock; Destiny+PMAs; Lira-Antenna

ISS on Feb.16.07

details: Progress; Pirs+Soyuz ;Airlock; P4-panels 90° rotated; Destiny+PMAs; Lira-Antenna; MBS

please have a look at our video-section

ISS on Oct.25.06

Progress; Pirs+arms; Soyuz ;Airlock; Canadarm2; almost all visible radiators (one folded); new P3, P4 and panels; Unity; Destiny+PMA

please have a look at our video-section (at this pass we had our best video so far)

ISS on Sep.01.06

Progress; Soyuz ;Airlock; PMA on Unity; KU-band antennas seperation and motors of main panels

ISS on Nov. 15.05

Progress; Soyuz+Pirs; Airlock(detailed); Mobile Servicing System; Canadarm(detailed); PMAs on Unity and Destiny; maybe Ku-band antenna (communication with Mission Control); very faint, but visible, SSCS-antenna (communication with shuttle)

I think this is our best image of the ISS

Thanks to Tom Erkenswick and Maik Hermenau for image analysis

ISS on Jul.01.06

Progress; Soyuz ;Airlock; Mobile Servicing System; PMA on Unity; seperation and motors of main panels

ISS on Jul. 17.05

ISS was very close too the moon

(low magnification)

ISS on Jul. 14.05

ISS on Jul. 02.05

this is the first image, taken with our new 80cm "MUNIN" Telescope

ISS on July 10.04


first image with Pirs (docking module) visible
ISS on May 24.03

main modules, new S1 and P1 truss segments, soyuz, progress, pirs, airlock, mobile transporter with canadarm

best image with 16"LX200

ISS on Jul.27.02

Img #1

ISS on Jul.28.02

Img #2

new s0 truss segment

ISS on Apr.03.02

Img #1

ISS on Apr.04.02


seperation of main panels

ISS on Apr.11.02

Img #1

ISS on Apr.11.02

Img #2

ISS with Shuttle Atlantis (STS-110)
ISS on Jul.28.01

older img. but good

Destiny, Unity, Quest, Zarya, Zvezda, Progress with panels, all other solar panels, two Radiators (one with "step effect")

good image